Rodney F.

Rod FLibrary Assistant
Nanaimo Harbourfront

Libraries are very valuable to the community.  We have public computers for people to get in touch with loved ones or stay in touch with friends. We get a lot of people who rent movies and music CDs and love the fact that there’s such a wide variety in the entire system that they can draw upon.  This is the downtown core of Nanaimo. The library is a safe place for people to meet.

I greet people as they come in the door and help them find items they’re looking for whether it’s books, CDs or DVDs.  If they ask for recommendations I will help find materials on the shelf or let them know what I’ve liked in the past, and hopefully they will as well.  I’ve worked at the library for 10 years. I like the people. Dealing with the public is one of my favourite things – and the books. I’m a biblioholic.  I’m addicted to reading books. This is my perfect job.

I’m the liaison between the library and Altrusa International Inc., a local service club that has been partnered up with the library for the past 35 years. They deliver books to homebound people and the elderly with long-term illnesses who cannot make it out to the library. They also deliver audio books to patrons whose eyesight has deteriorated who can’t read printed books. The volunteers pull books based on what people have specified. I sign out all the items they have chosen and also make sure that what the volunteers have pulled, matches what the patrons want. I doublecheck the items when they go out and I also check everything in. If materials are missing, I call the patron and solve problems like that.