Ariel S.

web Ariel picPurchasing Assistant

I’ve been in the Purchasing department for 11 years and with the library for 27.  My role with VIRL is to assist in all aspects of procurement for the library, except for the library materials – books, magazines and digital media. Our department provides support to branches and departments so staff can go about their daily business in the work of serving our customers.  With the exception of occasional, incidental purchases of nominal value, all orders for goods and services, requested system-wide, come through Purchasing.  As a result, we work very closely with all departments, branches and all levels of staff.  We follow an order from requisition for goods or services until the order is complete and invoiced. There are many other aspects to the job – it’s quite varied and interesting!

Libraries are just such a wonderful asset to a community, especially valued in some of our smaller communities. They are a great equalizer in society, for all types of people. It’s a marvelous place, a library.  One has access to all kinds of information, materials, resources and a nice place to hang out in and relax.  I’ve liked visiting some of our branches while on vacation (especially when it rained!) and enjoyed being able to see the branch, use the internet, look at books and sit in the comfy chairs that I helped to obtain!

I believe our front-line library workers do an excellent job providing terrific service to our customers at all our locations and that our libraries are well used, well-loved and much appreciated by the public.