Cheryl W.

Cheryl W web pic 401Circulation Supervisor
Nanaimo Harbourfront

In my role as circulation supervisor, I schedule our pages and library assistant’s time while they are on shift. Each day staff rotate through a variety of tasks. This ensures that all our staff have the opportunity to learn new procedures and practice the variety of skills needed to give our customers optimal service. Apart from checking items in and out and finding items on our shelves, we need to be familiar with many online resources, assist with interlibrary loan requests, find government forms, provide information on resources for aging readers, young families, home bound customers, English as a second language borrowers, customers in remote locations and many more. I think our circulation staff is doing a great job of guiding the public through the changing face of libraries today.

Libraries are still the centre of the community. In Nanaimo we have a large multicultural community downtown and we also serve seniors, young families and the homeless. We provide a tremendous service to all these people with different needs, in all walks of life. We’re a key resource for our community around us.

I’ve been working at the library since 1996. I enjoy the people contact, the interaction with our customers – being able to find things when they’re asking for them, to ferret out information that they need or materials that they’re looking for. I also really enjoy the team that I work with.