Laurie M.

Laurie M web picLibrary Assistant

I have worked at VIRL for over 16 years. I have also worked in other libraries in Victoria and Vancouver. One of the benefits of our work is helping young children in our branches. We try to provide a family friendly space and the very word “public” is in our name because the essence of our job is serving people.

The love of learning, and especially the love of books in particular, is something we try to pass to the young to promote literacy right from the get go. Most of us working here are certified bibliophiles; if we have a moment in our busy day we love to discuss books and particular book titles with anyone who is curious. Some of the people who come to our library have become like friends, as we have served them on a regular basis for years. I think of the local library as “the best free deal in town” and as the heart or cozy living room of our community.

The extent to which a community values their library is a direct measurement of its civilization. Good library service involves many people and many hands – much of our work is physical, too. We assist in access to information especially in regards to computers and the internet. We also provide a friendly space for various groups such as our community knitters who meet every Saturday. Our local libraries on Vancouver Island and beyond have so much to offer everyone.