Diane Y.

Diane Y web picLibrary Assistant/Books by Mail Liaison
Nanaimo Harbourfront

I’m a great believer in literacy – promoting literacy and the love of reading and literature. I love that the library is a place that is the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you have, you can come and enjoy the library and find something to learn or enjoy. For many people it’s their only way to access technology and communication. It’s very satisfying work. I’ve worked with the library for 22 years.

I am the liaison for the Books by Mail program. I sign up customers for a Books by Mail card, assessing their eligibility for one, and deal with any problems that may arise. Books by Mail serves members of the public who live in a remote location with no access to a library. This includes people who live on islands with no libraries, people who live in lighthouses and in fishing camps, etc. They are very appreciative of having access to our services.  Most people order their books online but they also send in requests for something they’ve enjoyed. The request comes through me and I pass it on.

I love the variety of my job, dealing with different people. A lot of customers get to be friends and I’ve watched my story timers grow up to be readers. I love books and I love people and I appreciate the ever-growing access to technology the library offers. It’s always interesting and every day is different.